German Visit II

7. marts 2024

By Lejla & Mia 

In a captivating cultural exchange, a group of German students from Hamm (NRW) embarked on a journey to Copenhagen, delving into the heart of Danish culture by visiting the renowned Fountain House.  The Erasmus + program, known for its commitment to fostering international cooperation, opened the gate for us, eight students, from “Elisabeth-Lueders Berufskolleg” to experience the unique charm of Copenhagen. This city, steeped in architectural wonders, became our living classroom for ten full days, as part of the project week at our school. Our focus during this internship is to learn about how the inclusion of a certain group of people works in Denmark, compared to Germany.

Inclusion refers to the practice of ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their differences, feel valued, respected and supported. The goal of the Fountain House is to not make a difference between staff and members, so everyone is treated equally. These goals could be clearly observed immediately after the first day. Everyone has the chance to develop in different and creative ways whether it is art workshops, educational programs or community events, each of them is designed to embrace the unique strengths and perspectives of its participants. All the Clubhouse meetings are open for both members and staff. There are no formal members only meetings or formal staff only meetings where program decisions and member issues are discussed.

Fountain House staff play a key role in nurturing the environment. Trained to recognize and value individual differences, they actively work to ensure that each person feels heard, valued and supported. This approach not only creates a sense of security, but also empowers individuals to express themselves authentically, contributing to the Fountain House collective. Their dedication enriches the community and creates many shared experiences that transcend social norms.

The Fountain House experience was proof of how cultural exchanges can foster understanding, broaden horizons and build bridges between nations. As we said goodbye to our hosts in Copenhagen, we left not only with a deeper appreciation of Danish culture and respect for their work, but also with newly formed friendships that will continue across borders.

Lejla & Mia